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Gradual reopening of Museum Stavanger

Stavanger Museum, Stavanger Art Museum and Stavanger maritime museum will reopen on 2 June.

After having been closed since 12 March 2020 we reopen for visitors on Tuesday, 2 June. On this day we open Stavanger Museum, Stavanger Art Museum and Stavanger Maritime Museum. The other museums will open on Monday, 15 June. Until then, we invite the public to have unique museum experiences, sampling what MUST’s treasure trove has to offer. These events are available to groups of limited size and must be booked in advance.

The events include a presentation of the district’s unknown animal life, and a walking tour between the museums along Eiganes (road), which includes Holmeegenes – open to the public for the very first time this summer. There are also guided tours of the new exhibition In the Clouds at Stavanger Art Museum.

We have also started an exciting collaboration with Rogaland Theatre, so beginning on Wednesday, 13 May, at Utstein Monastery, you can experience the performance Ord over grind – et livslangt møte, featuring the actress Mette Arnstad. The calendar at gives an overview of all the events on offer. You can also find information on social media.

Kindergartens and school groups are welcome from Tuesday, 12 May onwards, but it’s important to book your visit in advance, to ensure that only one group visits at a time. Contact us at to make a booking.

We are delighted to receive visitors again. We have implemented new routines and strict security measures based on government regulations, and we will do our utmost to ensure that both staff and visitors have a good and safe experience during the visit.