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Post 6290. Purchases - part II
28.06 - 10.08.2014
Stavanger Art Museum’s collection currently consists of about 2,500 artworks. To develop the collection is one of the museum’s core functions. The purchasing committee decides which works will be bought or accepted as gifts, and its decisions are made based on the existing collection and pre-defined focal areas.

Post 6290. Purchases is an exhibition in two parts, showing a selection of works included in the collection within the last two years. Some of the works are exhibited in correlation with earlier procurements in order to highlight the intended direction of the collection. The exhibition title is taken from the post in the museum budget for purchases. This title refers to the responsibility that lies in this task and to the framework which constantly characterize this central activity at the museum.

Part II opens with a poster by the American activist artist-group called the Guerilla Girls. Dearest Art Collector (1986) highlights the historic imbalance between female and male representation in private and public collections. An imbalance that is still highly relevant. In conjunction with last years’ jubilee for women’s right to vote, art institutions directed their gaze at their own collections as well overlooked parts in art history. Historic artworks by female artists are being brought into the light and exhibited, leading to new perspectives on art history and for new procurements.

The exhibition includes key works from the 1960s and -70s by artists such as Siri Anker Aurdal and Zdenka Rusova together with a younger generation of local descent, such as Elin Melberg, Natasja Askelund, Sara Christensen and Marisa Ferreira. The newest inclusions in the museum collection, are shown together with Sidsel Paaske’s drawing titled Keep on doing your thing (transl.)(1975), an ink drawing which has been part of the collection since 1988.

The exhibition is curated by May Johannessen, Helga Nyman and Vibece Salthe.

3 iwishiwishiwishinvaindetail.jpeg

Photo: From Elin Melberg's installation I wish I wish I wish in vain (2009-2011)

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