About MUST

Museum Stavanger (MUST) is a unique combination of museums. MUST is the only museum in Norway that covers such a wide variety of disciplines as art, natural history, cultural history and maritime and industrial history.

Must has stewardship of over 150,000 works of art and cultural and natural-historical objects. Selections of these can be experienced in exciting exhibitions and events at MUST’s eleven museums. Several museums are in buildings and parks with cultural-historical value. MUST also has responsibility for two floating vessels, Wyvern and Anna av Sand, as well as Revtangen Ornithological Station. In addition, it administers the Ringing Centre, which organises all scientific bird ringing in Norway. MUST has a library for internal and external users.

Most of the museums are located in or near Stavanger’s city centre. Stavanger Museum houses the Norwegian Children’s Museum and exhibitions focusing on natural history and the history of Stavanger. Stavanger Maritime Museum and the Norwegian Canning Museum are in Old Stavanger. Stavanger Art Museum lies next to the lake Mosvannet, and Stavanger School Museum is in Hillevåg. The neighbourhood of Egenes is where you can find the The villa Breidablikk and the summer mansion and royal residence Ledaal. are in the Eiganes neighbourhood. Revtangen Ornithological Station is at Revtangen in the municipality of Klepp, and Norway’s only standing medieval monastery, Utstein Monastery, is on the island of Mosterøy near Rennesøy.

Throughout the year the museums offer over 400 events. Every autumn we organise Museum Night in partnership with Stavanger Archaeological Museum.

MUST emphasises cross-disciplinary collaboration and innovative learning and engagement programmes. Several of these programmes have won national prises.

MUST is one of five regional museums in Rogaland. It is organised into four disciplinary departments and one department for joint services.

We believe diversity is a strength. All our museums are open to all people; we do not accept racism or discrimination of any kind. It is our responsibility to strive for increased diversity, not only in our daily operations, but also in our collections and in the stories we tell.

Museum Stavanger AS is owned by Stavanger Municipality, Rogaland County Council and Rennesøy Municipality.

MUST’s Administrative Director is Siri Aavitsland.

The Board:

Sverre Uhlving
Elin Schanche, nestleder
Ingeborg Sanner
Arnt Heikki Steinbakk
Charlotte Sørås
Trond Lie
Christian Buch Hansen
Mette Tveit
Petter Larikka