Eurasian Eagle Owls and power lines in outer Hordaland

Project for improving knowledge, goal-oriented initiatives and the increased survival of Eagle Owls

This project is organised by the county governor (fylkesmann) of Hordaland and is conducted through collaboration between the county governor of Hordaland, The Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU), Ecofact AS, BKK nett AS, the Norwegian Ornithological Society’s Hordaland chapter, and Museum Stavanger. The study area covers the municipalities of Øygarden, Fjell and Sund, and the project’s goal is to be an interdisciplinary conservation initiative for Eurasian Eagle Owls in outer Hordaland. This type of owl is particularly susceptible to being killed by electrocution, as a consequence of using power-line pylons as lookout points while hunting. The project should result in knowledge on how the eagle-owls use the area around the powerlines in their habitat. The knowledge gained via satellite-telemetry-data, from transmitters mounted on adult eagle-owls, should provide the basis for determining which mast-constructions are best in order to reduce the mortality rate of the species.