Do you have a gift for the museum?

Then we ask you to contact us in advance. Here you can find out who to contact, and how to send us information about the offer of a gift.

If you have photographs, objects or anything else you would like to give one of the museums, this should be arranged in advance with the relevant museum department.

The material is first received for evaluation, and thereafter a decision is made regarding whether it can be incorporated into the collections.

Please also send the museum’s contact person pictures and information about the gift you would like to give.

The following persons can be contacted for appointments regarding gifts:

Cultural History Department:
Trude Eriksen,, tel. (+47) 407 28 415

Natural History Department:
Alf Tore Mjøs,, tel. (+47) 407 28 536

Norwegian Children’s Museum and Stavanger School Museum:
Hege Stormark,, tel. (+47) 407 28 413
Mette Tveit,, tel. (+47) 406 13 018

Stavanger Art Museum:
Hanne Beate Ueland,, tel. (+47) 994 58 973
Vibece Salthe,, tel. (+47) 932 16 473
Inger M.L. Gudmundson,, tel. (+47) 407 28 433

Norwegian Printing Museum:
May Tove Nyrud,, tel. (+47) 407 28 339

Norwegian Canning Museum:
Erik R. Bergsagel,, tel. (+47) 407 28 431

Stavanger Maritime Museum:
Anne Tove Austbø,, tel. (+47) 407 28 538

Bente Kvame Hadland,, tel. (+47) 407 28 381